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5 Pool Party Essentials – Beach Toy Suppliers Must-Haves and Wholesale Funky Gifts

5 Pool Party Essentials – Beach Toy Suppliers Must-Haves and Wholesale Funky Gifts

Summer is always here, and what better way to enjoy the nice, hot weather than by spending the day in the pool? Families all over the country will be eager to take a well-deserved break from online classes and virtual meetings. Therefore, planning a little pool party in their backyards will be the number 1 summer activity this year. We want to make sure every family is prepared to make the best out this time, so we have prepared for you a handy list of wholesale funky gifts and pool party toys you should have available for your clients.

Having a wide variety of pool toys in your store is the best way to ensure your customers get the best products from the best wholesale gift suppliers. From the classic inflatable tubes and beach balls, to drink holder rings, drink coolers, and toys for the little ones, these wholesale novelty toys should have you covered.

Jumbo Inflatable Tube

Inflatable tubes are the perfect gift for those who want to let their worries float away and relax under the sun for hours on end. This type of pool party toys are perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults alike, as anybody can use them as floaters, have them for a diving competition, or simply take a quick nap, floating and enjoying the water at the same time. The best part of inflatable tubes is that they come in many different colors, shapes, and designs, which makes them the perfect personalized gift option.

Drink Holder Ring

No pool party is complete without enjoying our favorite beverages and refreshers. Sometimes, having to get out of the pool to have a zip of our drink can be quite annoying, especially when the fun is already going. That’s where having a cool-looking drink holder ring can be a fun saver. Inflatable drink holders are the best way to keep your refreshers at hand and bring it along across the pool. Most drink holders come with different patterns and designs, which lets everyone add a touch of their personality to their pool party accessories.

Palm Tree Drink Cooler

Drink coolers are another must-have that every pool party simply has to have. This will ensure everyone’s drinks are kept cool and refreshing without having to take an extra trip to the kitchen. However, what a better way to bring the vibes and feel of being at the beach than with an inflatable palm tree drink cooler? The realistic design and the soft materials make this drink cooler a one-of-a-kind item to have at your store. This amazing palm tree cooler will add a refreshing tropical touch to every pool party and backyard garden.

Inflatable Glitter Beach Ball

There is an endless number of games and activities to do at pool parties, all of them guaranteed to keep everyone entertained for hours on end. One of the all-time classic pool games has to be beach ball volleyball, and nothing beats playing with a soft and cool-looking inflatable glitter beach ball. Ideal for kids, teens, and adults that love to go for a fun game with their friends and relatives. Let everyone make the most out of their pool time activities with this stylish and resistant jumbo inflatable glitter beach ball.

Bath Toys for Kids

As novelty gifts and beach toy suppliers, we cannot forget about the little ones in the family. After all, they tend to be the most excited ones when playing in the pool, as the feeling of fresh, cool water is definitely one to remember and look forward too. In order to keep the youngest ones happy and entertained at the family pool party, we should consider carrying bath toys for kids. These floating toys are perfect for both shower time and pool time alike. Toys like squirters and racers will definitely keep the little ones entertained for hours along with their favorite toy friends.



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