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CoTa Global is a premier international manufacturer and distributor of high quality souvenirs, toys, collectables and other gifts.  CoTa Global is based in Southern California and has spent the last decade and more bringing great products, exceptional value, superior service and affordable prices to our family of customers.  CoTa Global supplies its wide variety of products directly from its warehouse to both wholesale partners and direct-to-consumer.


What makes CoTa Global stand out from its competitors is the extraordinary combination of the highest quality products with personal service like a neighborhood shop, all for incredibly low warehouse prices.

CoTa Global has launched its own brands of selected products, including Puzzled and Dollibu. Puzzled, which was the original name for our company, is our initial product line of 3D wooden puzzles specially designed and developed for gift stores throughout North America.  Dollibu is a friendly brand of lovable and quality plush and other animal toys.  The Puzzled and Dollibu brands exemplify CoTa Global’s commitment to its products and its customers.


CoTa Global is rebranded as one of the leading supplier of toy and collectable products in the souvenir industry shipping directly from our warehouse to wholesale partners and direct-to-consumers through a variety of channels. We recognized new opportunities with our vast and varied products lines in the changing consumer products industry landscape. We changed our name from Puzzled Inc. to Cota Global and continued to provide both popular and customized items for the best value with the highest customer care.
Puzzled Inc 2009
Puzzled Inc. becomes a powerhouse in the souvenir industry thanks in part to the launch our unique line of bobble magnets. As we continued to expand our products and push the company forward, we also are fully able to customize our products for our wholesale partners all over the continent.
Our company is fully incorporated as Puzzled, Inc. as we transformed from a small niche business into a large-scale operation with our own warehouse, fulfillment center and internal sales and marketing team. We quickly developed new product lines and became mainstays to all the industry trade shows to expend our customer base.
Puzzled 2004
As our inception name, Puzzled, would suggest our great adventure officially started simply with one product line of a few 3D wooden puzzles. Each puzzle was developed for gift stores throughout North America, which we sold at a few trade shows. We receiving strong positive feedback and grew as we developed more 3D puzzle designs and concepts.


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