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Are Magnets Good For Children?

Are Magnets Good For Children?

Magnets & Their Advantages for Children

Dad and little son in the kitchen by the fridge playing with magnets.


Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, each offering a unique design, quote, characters from movies, animals, etc. Fridge Magnets are used on refrigerators as decoration or as a way to remember day-to-day tasks. If you have young children, magnets can even benefit them and enhance their skills in many ways. Cota Global has a vast selection of magnet gifts for your family members and friends! Continue reading to find out why our magnets can be beneficial to children.





Consider Fridge Magnets

Letting your children play with different magnets could be a rewarding and fun experience for them. Here are some great reasons to consider purchasing magnets:


  1. Different types of magnets can teach children more words. Let’s say you have animal magnets all over your fridge. While your children eat breakfast or lunch, they can see these animals and learn their names. Learning more difficult words such as “flamingo” or “octopus” at a young age can help them with social skills in school!
  2. Magnets with colors can help your children learn how to differentiate between all the colors, and even say them out loud. Since there are many colors, it can take a while for children to learn all of them correctly. Using the “magnet method” will help give you a great start!
  3. Magnets can help your children learn to count. If you have 5 of them on your fridge, you can teach them to count all 5 of them. Then, if you intentionally remove some of them, they can figure out which are missing and how many are left. Counting can help your children concentrate and focus, and practice memory skills.
  4. Magnets make great collector’s items. While owning a variety of magnets, children can learn the value of starting a collection. Especially if your child loves animals, they can look forward to receiving more animal magnets over time, which is fun and exciting.
  5. Magnets are a significant part of a child’s creative playtime. Maybe they can create their own little stories with the magnets you have, or use them to create new patterns they may have never seen before. Creativity definitely will take place once they play with magnets, which is why they are beneficial for toddlers.


Cota Global offers a wide selection of fridge magnets to purchase. Our sparkling collection will dazzle your home’s interior aesthetic, and our bobble magnets will add more character. Are you ready to shop our variety of magnet gifts? Click here to get started! https://cotaglobal.com/shop-by-category/magnets.html



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