How Can I Protect My Life? With A Flashlight!

Caucasian Camper with Flashlight Inside His Tent During Rainy Evening While on Hike. Flashlights are necessary for almost every situation you may be in and can provide comfort and support. If you live in California, we are more prone to earthquakes and natural disasters than other states in the U.S.…

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Consider Planet Pens For School Supplies

  When writing an essay in class or jotting down some important notes, using a comfortable pen is key. Planet Pens are both fun and comfortable to use for heavy-duty writing, which will make you look forward to your next assignment. Purchasing supplies for school can get pricey, especially if…

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The Importance of Name Drop Products

One of the most beneficial things Cota Global’s site offers is customized name drop options. Name drop allows you to sell products with a unique saying that will be memorable for individuals. This feature is perfect for businesses who have gift shops, a souvenir store, resorts and hotels, and more.…

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Shot Glasses & Their Benefits

    Most individuals all over the world use decorative shot glasses for drinking alcoholic beverages with friends and family members. Shot glasses help control how much alcohol you are consuming, so one does not go overboard and feel ill. These perfectly-sized cups can be designed in many different ways,…

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Are Magnets Good For Children?

Magnets & Their Advantages for Children Dad and little son in the kitchen by the fridge playing with magnets.   Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, each offering a unique design, quote, characters from movies, animals, etc. Fridge Magnets are used on refrigerators as decoration or as a way…

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Plush Toys: A Child’s Best Friend

Almost every young child has plush toys at home that they love to play with. You can find them everywhere- in beds, in the closet, on the floors, and all over the house. These are one of the best toddler toys because they offer several significant benefits. Cota Global has a…

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4 Reasons To Obtain Your Own Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes can come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Are you one to own a big collection of different jewelry? Maybe your ancestors have passed some down to you from each generation, or maybe you have a hobby of buying vintage jewels? Regardless of what kind of jewelry you…

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Accessorize Your Vehicle’s Safety Belts

  Safety belts are the most effective way to prevent injuries while driving. Unfortunately, car accidents are common and can happen at any given moment. A serious car accident can leave you severely injured or even cause death. Making sure you are always wearing your seat belt can provide security…

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Coasters 101: Consider Them For Your Home

Coasters make an essential and necessary part of a kitchen table, dining table, and/or coffee table in an individual’s home. Beverage coasters are small items (approximately 4-5 inches wide) that do not take up much space on your table, but can do great wonders for your furniture. These items make…

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