Namedrops and the Benefits of Selling Tangible Memories

Gift shops are an essential part of running a successful museum, natural park, aquarium, zoo, or amusement park. For many visitors, buying a tangible memory from their trip is part of their experience. That’s why, as gift shop owners, we must consider the benefits that can come from offering customized…

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Wholesale Souvenirs and Gifts Ideas

If you are looking to purchase wholesale souvenirs and gifts, then we are the place for you. We have many items to choose from so make sure to check out our catalog and subscribe. Here are some of our top favorites that are sure to be a hit with anyone…

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Soft Hand Puppets Wholesale

If you are looking for an item that is great for infants and toddlers to restock you inventory why not consider soft hand puppets that are wholesale. Hand puppets are a great toy for infants and toddlers; they are great for keeping their attention. Hand puppets also make great gift…

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Buy Bath Toys Wholesale

If you are looking to buy bath toys at wholesale prices to add to your inventory, then you should check out our inventory. At Cota Global we have a vast selection of bath toys to choose from that are sure to bring kids and parent joy. Here are a few…

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Looking for a Toy Wholesaler in Miami

If you are looking for a toy wholesaler in Miami to help restock your inventory, then make sure to check out our inventory of toys. We have a huge selection of toys and souvenirs to choose from to help restock your inventory. Here are a few of our items from…

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Souvenir Shot Glasses at Wholesale Prices

Are you looking to expand your shot glass inventory? We have many shot glasses to choose from in different styles and themes. Here are several that you will definitely want to check out. Full Shooter and Full Beach Shot Glasses There are two shot glasses in this category that are…

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