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Buy Bath Toys Wholesale

Buy Bath Toys Wholesale

If you are looking to buy bath toys at wholesale prices to add to your inventory, then you should check out our inventory. At Cota Global we have a vast selection of bath toys to choose from that are sure to bring kids and parent joy. Here are a few bath toys to choose from:

Purple Shark

The purple shark doo doo doo doo doo is a beautiful water squirting toy, and it is part of our ocean life collection. This toy is great for baths, pools or the beach. The purple shark is made of soft material that will make kids love this bath toy. The color of this toy is so beautiful that it’s a must see in person to really appreciate the color.

Manta Ray

This toy manta ray is so soft that kids will not want to put it down. The colors to the manta ray really pop and make it stand out with its blue with white spots. This toy also squirts water, so it is excellent for the beach, pool or bath. This toy may have a serious look, but it is sure to put a smile on any kids face.


This cat may be a toy, but it will warm any cat lovers’ heart just like any real cat. This cat squirts water and is great for bath time as well as pool time. This cat has a beautiful design and fabulous colors that will stand out in any store or home.


A cow may not be made for water, but this cow toy loves water. This cow is made for the beach, pool, bath, and lake. This cute cow has a colors scheme that will make anyone fall in love with this bath time toy.


The one thing kids always ask for that you can finally give them a pony. Well, at least a bath toy pony, this may not be a real pony, but it will put a smile on any kids face just like a real pony would. This bath toy squirt water and has a beautiful design.

These are just a few of our bath time toys we have available. So if you are looking to restock your inventory make sure to subscribe to our catalog to see the full inventory of bath time toys.



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