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Coasters 101: Consider Them For Your Home

Coasters 101: Consider Them For Your Home

Coasters make an essential and necessary part of a kitchen table, dining table, and/or coffee table in an individual’s home. Beverage coasters are small items (approximately 4-5 inches wide) that do not take up much space on your table, but can do great wonders for your furniture. These items make for great protectors of valuable furniture that could get ruined simply by the mark of a cup or bottle can. In this post, we will go over more benefits of coasters, and why you need one from Cota Global today!


Selecting Your Coasters

Though coasters come in many different materials, Cota Global provides these products in wood and ceramic. Wood and ceramic coasters are more efficient than other materials because of their durability and their non-slip functions. Ensuring that your coasters do not slip from left to right around your table is important, so that your beverages do not spill while you have guests over.


Coasters can come in any shape, size, and design- literally. Let’s take a look at the ones from Cota Global’s collection. For wood materials Cota Global offers beach-themed nautical decor. These wooden coasters look vintage, which can give your home a more rustic look to it. Wooden coasters will come in both circular shapes and squared, depending on which decorated item you are going for. With ceramic, you are looking at a larger variety of decorative options. From giraffe, penguin, monkey, and other animal ceramics, these decorations will be a perfect gift for a friend or family member that loves a specific animal. There are also other designs, such as palm trees, beach vibes, and more that you can select from for a more generic look.


Coasters can be used for multiple things, mainly being there to absorb moisture. Let’s say you buy a brand new coffee table that you love and a friend comes over and drinks a soda on your couch. That soda can ruin your precious wooden coffee table and stain it forever. There is no going back once a table is damaged due to moisture. A coaster will protect your table from getting destroyed. Another reason people use coasters is as an ashtray replacement. Rather than using your table to place items on that could ruin it, a coaster can be used in place of one if needed.

If you don’t own these small products that make a big impact in an individual’s home, you should consider purchasing them. If not for your own home, these beverage coasters make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, or just to show appreciation. Click here to start shopping Cota Global’s selection of coasters. https://cotaglobal.com/?s=coasters&post_type=product



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