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Colorado State Souvenirs No Gift Shop Should Be Without

Colorado State Souvenirs No Gift Shop Should Be Without

Visiting the wonderful state of Colorado is definitely one trip worth planning, especially for those who love to be surrounded by nature. While many tourists might want to visit the attractions offered by the city capital, most of our customers will want to see all the natural wonders offered by this Mountain State. Being known for the vivid landscapes, delicious food, wildlife, and notable ski resorts, it offers local gift shop managers unique and infinite possibilities regarding novelty mountain souvenirs for their visitors looking for Colorado state souvenirs.

Here is a list of ideas for those retail novelty souvenir stores in Colorado looking to offer unique, high-quality items for their customers. These great winter souvenirs for Colorado state visitors include items shaped like animals found in Colorado, items featuring the state flag, and items you can find at the CoTa Global website.

Animals Found in Colorado

Colorado’s wildlife has become an iconic attraction, and its rich variety is a staple of this beautiful state. Therefore, some of the best Colorado souvenirs we can offer to our customers are those that feature those animals found in the state. This includes moose, bears, wolves, horses, owls, and buffalos.


During the last decades, efforts have been put to increase and preserve Colorado’s moose population. According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, such efforts have been so successful that there are approximately 3,000 animals statewide, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife. As a result, limited hunting is allowed in certain areas, including North Park, Middle Park, and the Laramie River area. Being such an iconic animal to the region, moose souvenirs are a guaranteed success among tourists and visitors.

Black Bear

Another iconic animal native to the state of Colorado is the Black Bear. Bears are really smart animals, and their population has been growing continuously. Now, black bears come in different colors, with the most common being black, blonde, cinnamon, and brown. Even when coming across a black bear in residential areas is common, there are many resources and awareness programs running. This way, humans and bears can coexist peacefully, making these lovely animals the perfect mascot for Colorado bear souvenirs and gifts.

Grizzly Bear

For many years Grizzly Bears have been considered officially extinct in Colorado. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science displays the hide and skull of the state’s last grizzly bear, which died in 1979. However, some experts are not convinced that grizzly bears are actually extinct. Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho are home to several grizzly bears, as well as Washington and Alaska. Nevertheless, these bears are still iconic animals in Colorado, and they still generate excitement and curiosity from visitors every year.


Having banished from the state by 1940, the wolves population in Colorado and Wyoming has been slowly growing. Lone wolves have been identified traveling through the state, settling and forming packs. In early June 2021, biologists confirmed the first known breeding pair in decades. Nonetheless, wolves are an iconic species in mountain areas, and Colorado is no exception. Thanks to its resemblance to dogs, and its mysterious air, wolf figures make a great option for mountain souvenirs for gift shops in the state.


Colorado is well known for its very special relationship with horses. From the booming equine industry to the wild herds found in the backcountry, horses are one of the most popular animals in the state. There are several areas where visitors can spot herds of wild mustangs roaming free. Rodeos and horseback riding tours are also quite popular attractions among tourists. This means that Colorado horse souvenirs and gifts also tend to be every visitor’s favorite present for their loved ones.


Even when they might not be as iconic as the other animals, owls are quite an important part of Colorado’s wildlife. Some may be surprised to learn that the Centennial State is home to fourteen different species of owls. These majestic birds spread all throughout the state, and each species is very different from the other. Having different sizes, habitats, diets, and behavior, birdwatchers from all over the country will definitely enjoy traveling through the state trying to catch a glimpse of as many as they can.


Every spring, thousands of Monarch Butterflies head to the state of Colorado as they migrate from Mexico or southern California. This creates a colorful natural phenomenon that is worth watching. Butterflies instinctively look for warm temperatures, and as they do, wildlife lovers get to experience one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles. There are many other species of butterflies that are native to Colorado, and the Butterfly Pavilion is an organization committed to studying and preserving these amazing creatures.


Last on the list we have one of the most beautiful creatures to ever roam the world. A couple of hundred years ago, there were millions of buffalos inhabiting North America. Nonetheless, a few thousand remain today, and Colorado is doing its fair share in preserving these incredible animals. There are several areas across the state for tourists and locals to see buffalos and bison, including national parks and wildlife refuges. That’s why visitors to your gift shop will be pleased to take with them a buffalo souvenir, such as plush figures, coasters, and more.

Colorado State Flag

Another great idea for Colorado souvenirs for visitors and tourists is, of course, souvenirs with the Colorado state flag. Its straightforward design and characteristic colors make for appealing items that can go from novelty pens and coffee mugs to coasters, luggage tags, t-shirts, and any other product you can think of.

The flag of the centennial state is one of the most recognizable ones without a doubt. Its colors represent the natural and environmental features of the state, which are iconic to Colorado. The white represents the snow found on the state’s mountains. The blue represents its blue skies, the gold represents abundant sunshine, and the red represents its red soil. Therefore, a great number of visitors to your gift shop will want to bring back home a number of Colorado State souvenirs for their loved ones.

Colorado Souvenirs with CoTa Global Items

If you are looking for the best supplier of souvenirs for Colorado, you are in the right place. Our wide collection of novelty souvenirs and unique items will give you the quality you’re looking for. There are several items that make perfect Colorado state souvenirs. This includes our collection of luggage tags, bobble magnets, plush hats, stuffed animals, and plush shoes.

Colorado Flag Luggage Tag

As we mentioned before, the Colorado state flag makes for a wide variety of items and souvenirs. Our luggage tag is no exception. It allows visitors to remember their trip while adding a useful travel accessory to their bags, backpacks, and suitcases. Luggage tags are great souvenir ideas since they are very easy to carry and they aren’t expensive. They will last for many years after the purchase, too.

Cool Moose Bobble Magnets

Everyone has a friend or family that loves collecting souvenirs. Chances are, your gift shop visitors will be shopping not only for themselves but for their loved ones too. Our line of bobble magnets is the perfect souvenir for tourists who want to bring something back for their friends or family without breaking the bank. Fridge magnets are fun, colorful, and there are many different characters and collections available. For Colorado gift shop souvenirs, the Cool Moose Bobble Magnets can sum up their trip in a fun, stylish way.

Moose Plush Hat

If we are looking for ski resort souvenirs, then our line of plush hats is the way to go. Made with realistic details and super soft fabric, a Moose Plush Hat will the perfect complement for the entire family. Especially if our customers are visiting the state during the colder months of the year. So, if they want to get a ski shop souvenir they can take home and wear on many different occasions, a plush hat featuring the iconic Colorado wildlife is a must.

Moose Stuffed Animal

Many take the opportunity to bring their little ones along when visiting Colorado. It’s a great way for them to learn more about the wildlife and visit national parks. They can get a sense of nature they might not be able to experience every day. That’s why we must make sure to include a wide variety of items and souvenirs that will appeal to the younger customers. Stuffed animals have proven time and time again to be some of the most successful souvenir store items. Thanks to the super-soft materials, stuffed animals make great travel buddies for kids heading back home. Besides, if you’re looking for imprinting name drop on souvenirs, plush animals are ideal.

Black Bear Plush Shoes

Lastly, another type of souvenir we might want to include in our gift shop is baby plush shoes. These are great items that will keep the feet of the little ones warm, while also looking incredibly cute. Our Black Bear Plush Shoes can be a great way for your visitors to add a touch of fun to their kids’ outfits while bringing back home a soft and fluffy souvenir at the same time.

If you want to learn more about our products, feel free to visit our online catalog! We offer a wide variety of novelty items that are perfect for Colorado gift shops, museums, national parks, ski resorts, and more!



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