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Fall Souvenirs and Novelty Gifts to Welcome the Sweater Weather Season

Fall Souvenirs and Novelty Gifts to Welcome the Sweater Weather Season

There is nothing like the sound of dry leaves under your feet and the feel of a pumpkin spice on your hands. Fall is here, and we are more than ready to start enjoying the sweater weather. We are want to share with you different fall souvenirs and novelty gifts that can make your store stand from the crowd during the season.

Many customers will be looking for warm and cozy accessories. Others might be ready to start taking care of their holiday shopping lists. That’s why we may want to take a look at our catalog and see which of our products can be top-selling fall souvenirs and novelty gifts for our visitors. Some of the favorite souvenirs for this season include coffee mugs, plush hats and scarves, candle holders, night lights, and wine holders.

Coffee Mugs

For many, fall is the perfect time to curl up at home with a snuggly blanket and relax at home with a warm cup of coffee. That’s why coffee mugs are an all-time classic fall souvenir that we simply can’t miss. Whether they are looking for a nice gift or a cute souvenir, novelty coffee mugs will do the trick. Displaying coffee mugs for fall season can be quite easy. You can put inside some seasonal candy, coupons, other smaller items, or decorative elements. This allows for customers to quickly take a glance at your collection and choose their favorite one.

Plush Hats and Scarves

Keeping the theme of snuggly and cozy fall souvenirs, plush hats and scarves are a great addition to your catalog. These items are great for customers of any age. Both kinds and adults can pick up a warm plush hat or plush scarf of their favorite animal and wear for fun and to keep warm. Since there is a wide variety of designs available, they make perfect novelty fall souvenirs for gift shops all across the country. From ocean animals to wild life animals, your visitors will have plenty to choose from. Plus, they can mix and match with different animals for a complete experience.

Candle Holders

Home décor accessories are another great example of top-selling fall souvenirs we should include in our catalog. As we mentioned above, fall is a great season to just stay home and relax. Setting up a cozy ambience at home as we ready our favorite books and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea by the light of candles is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Adding nautical décor candle holders is perfect, especially for those spending the day at their beach or lake house. Besides, novelty candle holders make excellent housewarming gifts for friends and family.

LED Lanterns and Night Lights

Having a cozy setting at home doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. It’s as simple as dimming the lights and waiting for the sun to set. LED Lanterns and night lights are great decorative accessories that also make great gall souvenirs for friends and family. They can be used as indoor and outdoor décor accessories, to set a fall theme in our bedroom, as accent decorative pieces, and as patio lanterns. Just like candle holders, LED Lanterns for home make amazing gifts for family and friends. Especially for those who like to collect decorative lights for home.

Wine Holders

Some might prefer coffee or tea, others might want to enjoy a glass of wine and have a relaxing evening. Wine holders make classy and elegant fall souvenirs for wine collectors and enthusiasts. The rustic design and natural wood finish definitely add a unique touch of style to any home space. Also, wine holders make excellent accessories for table top décor, bar décor, and cellar décor. Displaying a couple of rustic or contemporary wine holders for shelf in your store will catch the attention of more than one passerby. If your customers were looking for a fall gift out of the ordinary, a wine holder rack is the right choice.


If you are looking for the best-selling fall souvenirs for your gift shop, you are in the right place. We carry a wide variety of novelty items that will become a success among your customers. Feel free to visit our online catalog or get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to talk to you and answer all of your questions.



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