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 Holiday Season Plush Display Tips and Ideas for Retail Stores

 Holiday Season Plush Display Tips and Ideas for Retail Stores

Fall season is right around the corner, which means it’s time for retail stores to start preparing for the holiday season. Getting your store ready for the busiest time of the year is not a simple task. Therefore, we must make sure to take every step needed to ensure a successful season. One of the best ways to invite customers to walk into our store and shop with us is by taking advantage of visual marketing ideas. That’s why we want to share with you 5 different holiday season plush display tips and ideas for retail stores that will help you make the most out of your shelves, window displays, and every little corner of your business.

If you hadn’t thought about your retail store display ideas yet, now is definitely the right time to do so. Actually, more than half of customers start looking for their holiday presents before Halloween. So, having your store displays up around Thanksgiving time is a great way to get ready for the season. There are many ways to start planning your product displays, like thinking about the different areas of your store and considering the lightning. Considering your brand and using relevant color palettes and props can help, too. However, some of the best holiday season ideas for plush displays include starting with a theme, telling a story, recreating a scene, using familiar elements, and being creative.

Start with a Theme

One of the first steps to create a successful plush display for the holiday season is to start by choosing a theme. Think of the theme as the driving idea that will tie every element of the display together. Adding traditional holiday colors and images can also help us decide on a given theme. For example, Winter Wonderland is the ultimate holiday season display for retail stores. Here you promote everything related to snow, including snowflakes, snowmen, polar bears, penguins, and Christmas Trees. This way, your customers will feel the joy of visiting the North Pole inside your store.

Another popular holiday theme for retail store displays is Warm & Cozy. When choosing this theme for one of your plush retail store displays, you want to give your customers the feeling of staying home, or in a cabin, by the fire, enjoying a cup of hot cocoa with their loved ones. In order to achieve this vibe, you want to add homey elements, warm colors, and appeal to the emotions of your customers.

Recreate a Popular Scene

Similar to adding themes for holiday plush displays, you can choose to recreate a popular scene instead. You can take inspiration from almost everywhere, but this might make it difficult to choose one particular scene to recreate. Think of your plush items collection, the types of products you carry, and the characters that you have available. Then, choose a scene and display it in your store. For example, you can go for the classic snowy meadow with animals, or a sled slope with your products having fun. You can also go for more recognizable scenes like Santa’s Workshop, or scenes from the Nutcracker. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to add your own touch of creativity and brand identity. This way, your plush store holiday displays will be both familiar and memorable for your customers.

Tell a Story

Even when the task of telling a visual story might sound overwhelming, there are many ways to go about adding a narrative to your retail store displays. When we want to tell a story, we want to show a feeling more than tell it. Therefore, think of the point of the story you are telling and use visual aids to accomplish this. Remember that your plush products are the main elements of your story, but not the only ones. This means that the materials, backdrops, cross-sale items, and other props will help convey the message and the story.

Use Familiar Elements

There are many areas of your business that can benefit from plush retail store displays for holiday season. However, there might be other spaces in your store where other ideas may work better. After all, using different types of displays and ornaments around your store will help you achieve a well-balanced holiday decoration. Here is where using familiar holiday elements like trees, frames, and even cardboard can highlight your plush items.

One example of this includes building Christmas trees using different products from your store. We have all seen Christmas trees built with books, coffee mugs, sneakers, and gift boxes. However, building one with plush figures will definitely make your business and your plush collection stand out from the crowd. You can also use cardboard figures as display accents and even frame your windows with snowflake ornaments, colorful lights, and other familiar holiday elements.

Think Outside the Gift Box

Lastly, you want to make sure you add a touch of creativity to your holiday season plush window display. Even when you might feel like everything’s been done before, don’t be afraid to put your own touch to your decoration. Adding elements of your brand and your store identity will make your window and store displays unique and appealing. Also, adding a crafty touch can result in a homemade look. Repurposing familiar objects and upcycling materials is a great way to achieve a striking and successful plush store holiday season display without spending a lot on decorations.

After all, the main purpose of your holiday season display is to catch the attention of your customers, highlight your new or best-selling products, and incite visitors to find that soft and cuddly present they had been looking for.

If you are looking for new plush items for your store, you are in the right place! We carry a wide variety of stuffed animals and plush items with a broad selection of characters, styles, and themes. Feel free to visit our website and explore all the different wholesale plush products we have available. We are sure you will find the right one for your store. Also, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to talk to you and answer all of your questions.





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