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How Can I Protect My Life? With A Flashlight!

How Can I Protect My Life? With A Flashlight!

Caucasian Camper with Flashlight Inside His Tent During Rainy Evening While on Hike.

Flashlights are necessary for almost every situation you may be in and can provide comfort and support. If you live in California, we are more prone to earthquakes and natural disasters than other states in the U.S. You never know when one of these disasters can strike, but all we can do is prepare for them. Having a compact flashlight on you everywhere you go will offer more safety. Better yet, Cota Global’s keychain flashlights are small, stylish, and efficient for you to grab on the go!


Importance of Flashlights

The first reason to purchase your flashlight is for natural disaster situations. As mentioned previously, earthquakes do occur in California, and being prepared as best as possible for them is the only way to ensure security. Let’s say you were home alone in the middle of the night and an earthquake strikes, leaving your neighborhood with no power. Your flashlight can help guide the way to safety, and find others or important belongings you want to take with you from home.


The second reason to obtain a compact flashlight is for situations of self-defense. If an individual were to come up to you when alone in a parking lot or walking down the street and try to attack, you can use your flashlight to blind their eyes and distract them. Flashlights are not considered a weapon, so you will legally be allowed to protect yourself using this item at any time.


The third reason to have a flashlight on you is if you need the assistance of light to find something or see something. We drop things all the time, and if done in the dark, we may not be able to retrieve them. Light helps guide the way and can save you money by having to replace a lost item. If an individual needs to fix something, helping them by shining extra light their way can make the process quicker and easier.


Cota Global offers adorable sparkling keychain flashlights for your keys! These small lights come in multiple colors, so you won’t be limited on your selection. Did we mention they also make great gifts and souvenirs? Start practicing daily safety; Click here to purchase our flashlight products: https://cotaglobal.com/shop-by-category/fashion-accessories-and-jewelry.html



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