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Looking for a Souvenir Wholesaler to restock your inventory, well look no further.

Looking for a Souvenir Wholesaler to restock your inventory, well look no further.

When it comes to souvenirs it is not always easy to choose items that will sell and no one wants to have an abundance of items that are not selling. So here is a guide that will help you with some of your souvenir needs:


We offer souvenir keychains at wholesale price. Souvenir keychains seem to be some of the most sold items and should be taken into account. The thing we offer is different styles and types of souvenir keychains to help give your customers options. People want to have options and be unique when buying a souvenirs keychain for someone or for themselves. So it not enough just to sell keychains, you want to make sure your store has some that will help it stand apart from the rest.

Stone Snow Globes

Snow GlobesAnother highly sought out item is the Stone snow globe. When looking to restock snow globes, one thing to consider is craftsmanship. We offer a variety of handcrafted stone snow globes that your customers will love. We offer mermaid, pirates and all sorts of animals to pique the interest of all of your customers. The fact that they are handcrafted can really make a difference in people’s mind and can help make the purchasing decision easy for them.


Souvenir magnet is also big sellers, so make sure you check out our inventory. As a souvenir magnet wholesaler, we offer a variety that is sure to make your customer happy. We offer from traditional magnets to stone bottle opener magnets. Those are sure to stand out in your store and your customers’home. Magnets are always a great item that customer like to purchase to give or keep for themselves.

Those are just a small sample of what we have to offer, so when you are looking for a Souvenir wholesaler look no further we are your one stop for all you souvenir wholesaler needs. Please make sure to check out our catalog for our full inventory of items that could really help set your store apart from the others.



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