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Make a Splash With Our Wholesale Whale Toys

Make a Splash With Our Wholesale Whale Toys

If you’re looking to do some whale watching, or purchasing, then you’ve come to the right place. We have many different whale products to choose from. All of which would make great gifts or anyone who likes whales. Here is a list of just a few of our favorite wholesale whale toys.

Killer Whale Valentines Plush

The Orca, or, Killer Whale Valentines Plush makes for an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day or any occasion for that matter. Did you know that Killer Whales have the second biggest brains of all ocean mammals? Anyone who is a fan of Orcas will love this plush. It’s super soft and huggable with a big red heart on the side of it that says, “I Love You.” It’s elegantly written in cursive and decorated with smaller white hearts on it. The plush comes in two different sizes. The small one is 11.5 inches long, and the large one is 15.5 inches.

The Big Whale

The Big Whale bath squirter may be very blue, but it is quite happy as you can tell by its huge grin. It’s a soft bath toy that squirts water out of its blowhole, just like a real blue whale! Kids will love playing with this whale in the bath or in the pool. With its big friendly smile and true blue color, it’s a fun and appealing toy for kids of all ages.

The Snow Globe Whale

Our wholesale Humpback Whale Snow Globe may not be a toy per se, but it is beautifully handcrafted décor. The globe itself sits on the back of the whale, and the whale’s baby is safely contained within. The baby humpback is swimming in a winter wonderland where it is snowing not just regular snow, but also colorful pieces of confetti! If you have someone in your life who enjoys snow globes, the wholesale Humpback Whale Snow Globe would be the perfect gift for them.

These are just a few of many of our favorite wholesale whale toys and items. Make sure you check out the rest of our whale products and subscribe to our catalog to stay up to date with our growing whale of a collection!



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