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Brachiosaurus Lr – 3D Puzzles

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Little Lion – 3D Puzzles

Common Shore Crab – 3D Puzzles

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  • Age (Yrs): 8
  • Product Size: 9.12″Lx7.25″Wx0.5″H
  • UPC: 184499012536
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Puzzled 3D Puzzle Crab Wood Craft Construction Model Kit, Fun Unique & Educational DIY Wooden Toy Assemble Model Unfinished Crafting Hobby Sea Life Puzzle, Build and Paint for Decoration 35pc Pack

  • THE CRAB WOODEN PUZZLE COMES WITH A UNIQUE DESIGN YOU WILL LOVE – Be proud to display your assembled Crab model and share the love for sea creatures with your loved ones! Ideal for kids & adults with a passion for biology and love for oceanic species. This instructional Crab 3D wood puzzle is part of our Ocean Life collection. It features realistic and intricate details that will surely help kids and teens learn more about these fantastic and interesting creatures in a fun and entertaining way!
  • THE CRAB DIY 3D PUZZLE IS FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES PUZZLES – The Crab 3 dimensional craft kit is a model to build for adult & kids who love using their brain and create something with their hands. Puzzles lovers at any age or gender will enjoy building this amazing and challenging 35 piece wood toy kit and paint the 3d wood puzzle to make it their own. It is a great father and son 3d puzzles for boys school project as well as puzzle for girls get together & craft play time with friends and family.
  • INCLUDED WITH THE PURCHASE OF 3D CRAB WOODEN PUZZLE KIT – Includes 1 Crab 3D Puzzle Wood Craft Construction Kit with 35 interlocking puzzle pieces, an instruction manual, and 1 paper for sanding edges. 3D Puzzles never looked so good, and the unfinished natural wood can be easily painted or colored for a more personalized look. In most parts, no glue is needed and the pieces interlock together. Full crab wooden puzzle assembly size is 10”Lx8”Wx3”H. Paint kit and glue are not included in set.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CRAB WOODEN PUZZLE 3D KIT – This Crab puzzle is made of high-grade 3mm natural wood. All puzzle pieces are laser cut and sanded thoroughly to ensure smoothness of edges. Adorned with realistic details like its characteristic shell, eyes, and claws make this Crab puzzle look and feel authentic. The unfinished natural color wood make it easy and fun to paint and personalize! Once assembled, the Crab 3D puzzle will will hold a natural, exciting pose on its own, ready for display.
  • IDEAL USE FOR THE CRAB WOOD KIT 3D MODEL PUZZLE – Challenge yourself & your loved ones to build this wonderful DIY cut 3-D puzzle. Display your achievement as artwork or play with your new model toy. 3D puzzles woodcraft construction kits help kids develop skills like eye coordination, problem-solving, & shape recognition, while encouraging creativity. Customize your crab diy toy kits and paint it for school projects! Make it a game for friends and family to enjoy while spending time together.

Challenge yourself & loved ones to build DIY 3-D puzzles and display your achievement as artwork or play with your new model toy. The Crab puzzle can be customized to make it fit any theme. 3D puzzles help develop a child’s skills such as problem-solving, shape recognition, and patience. Playing with puzzles encourages kids to become creative & productive. Once assembled, your little one can play with the Crab as their new toy. Perfect indoor brain teaser games for children and a fun challenge for adults who love DIY projects & crafting. Building the Crab model figure makes a fun educational bonding activity for parents and their little ones. Hobbyists, collectors, and ocean enthusiasts will be excited to take on a new challenge and assemble the puzzle as fast as they can! Ideal for kids, boys & girls who love solving different kinds of puzzles. Suitable for kids age 8 & up. Includes 1 Puzzled Crab 3D Puzzle Wood Craft Construction Kit with 35 interlocking puzzle pieces. The Crab figure features cute intricate details such as its characteristic shell, eyes, and claws. No need to use glue! All pieces are interlocking & will remain sturdy once the puzzle is perfectly assembled. Puzzle kit comes with an instruction manual. This Crab 3D puzzle is made from premium quality wood & durable materials. All puzzle pieces are laser cut & sanded thoroughly to ensure smoothness of edges. Colored with a natural wood COLOR which can be painted for a more personalized and lively look. Adorned with authentic details that will make this wooden 3D Crab puzzle look both beautiful and realistic. When fully assembled, this Crab DIY model will stand in a bold striking pose, ready for display and to exhibit. Puzzled’s 3D Wooden Puzzle will surely bring a smile to your loved ones as they recall the memories they had while building the challenging, fun, and unique educational toy. When fully assembled, the Crab 3D puzzle measures 10”Lx8”Wx3”H. Paint and glue are not included in kit.

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