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5 Simple Wholesale Souvenirs Sales Tips for Gift Shop Owners and Managers

5 Simple Wholesale Souvenirs Sales Tips for Gift Shop Owners and Managers

Running a gift shop is a must for every museum, zoo, aquarium, and any other tourist attraction that usually receives visitors from different parts of the country and the world. Even when it might sound like an easy operation, running a successful gift shop comes with many challenges. Offering a wide variety of products and finding the ideal custom souvenirs wholesale distributor can be the first one. Therefore, we need to work on implementing different selling strategies if we want to make our gift shop business last and stand out from the crowd.

Luckily for us, there are many simple yet effective tips we can follow to increase sales in our gift shop. For example, having branded wholesale souvenirs, considering gifts that are easy to carry, and making them both practical and useful. Also, we should consider offering multi-item souvenir bundles as well as carrying a wide variety of souvenirs and gifts. This way, we will give our customers many opportunities to buy and engage with our collections.

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Get Branded Wholesale Souvenirs

One of the best ways to make sure our gift shop visitors become customers is by offering branded souvenirs. This might sound cliché, but these products have proven to be best sellers in gift stores all around the world. When tourists visit a different city, they want to bring something that clearly shows the places they’ve been to. When we offer branded souvenirs, we are automatically falling into what tourists want to buy. Therefore, including the name of the city, zoo, museum, aquarium, or just the name of our gift shop will make our souvenirs become memory-evoking items that tourists will want to bring back home.

Consider Easy to Carry Gifts

Another important aspect every gift store owner must consider is the size of the souvenirs they sell. Most of the times, tourists and visitors walk into a gift shop looking for memorable, and easy to carry souvenirs. Gifts that they can easily put in their bags and continue with their trip. When we offer items that are too big, or that aren’t conveniently packaged, customers will simply not buy them. This is especially true if our customers are traveling by plane. So, offering our visitors easy to carry items will make the purchase process much easier for them. They can just pick up what they like, put in their bags, and get back home without a problem.

Make them Practical and Useful

When it comes to wholesale souvenirs, there are many types of items and products that we can carry, from the cute and adorable plush toys to the all-time classic magnets and cups and anything in between. However, we want to make sure that we also carry gifts and souvenirs that are practical and useful. Tourists and visitors walk into your store because they want to get a memento of their adventure. They’re looking for something they will be happy to look at and remember the experience they had. When we offer gifts that are memorable but also practical and useful, very few customers will resist the amazing combination.

Offer Multi-Item Souvenir Bundles

Now, an important aspect of running a successful souvenir gift shop we shouldn’t ignore is keeping the budget of our customers in mind. This doesn’t mean that we should only offer cheap novelty wholesale gifts and souvenirs, of course. Yet, we should think about encouraging multi-item souvenir purchases. Offering volume discounts is a very effective strategy to motivate visitors to make larger purchases at our store. Since most tourists already walk in thinking about buying a souvenir for their friends and family, we might as well make their shopping process easier if we can. After all, the more the merrier, and this is true for the custom souvenirs whole industry, too.

Carry a Wide Variety of Wholesale Souvenirs

Last but not least, we should always focus on carrying a wide variety of souvenirs and gifts in our store. This will help us run a more appealing and interesting gift store, and visitors will have many more options to choose from. Also, having a wide variety of items available will help us reach a wider audience, too, having kids, teens, and adults being able to bring back with them a memorable souvenir from their trip.

In order to make you offer a wide and attractive collection, you must find the perfect wholesale souvenirs distributor for your store. CoTa Global is a wholesale novelty vendor that carries a wide selection of souvenirs and gifts, including pens, wobbly magnets, plush toys, frames and décor, shot glasses, mugs, and keychains. We can help you turn simple gifts into memorable souvenirs with our name print options. If you want to learn more about our outstanding collection of souvenirs, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us! We’ll be more than happy to guide you through our catalog.




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