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Souvenir Shot Glasses at Wholesale Prices

Souvenir Shot Glasses at Wholesale Prices

Are you looking to expand your shot glass inventory? We have many shot glasses to choose from in different styles and themes. Here are several that you will definitely want to check out.

Full Shooter and Full Beach Shot Glasses

There are two shot glasses in this category that are worth adding to any shot glass collector enthusiast’s arsenal. These wholesale souvenirs both depict beautiful images of beach scenery. The first one has some shells and starfish on the sand with the ocean in the middle and the sky and sun at the top of the glass. It displays a very nice array of colors. The other handcrafted and hand-painted shot glass also has the beach, ocean, and sky but looks very different. There are also some palm trees in the scene. These same shot glasses also come in regular shot glass forms.

Gecko Full Shooter and Full Shot Glass

These two gecko shot glasses are cool in their own way. One is orange neon and has a funny gecko on the front that says “take a shot.” He has a pair of shades on and is handing out a drink to the viewer. If it’s one thing this gecko knows how to do, it’s how to party. The other gecko shot glass has two geckos in a desert setting. This shot glass’ strongest feature is the beautiful hand painted scenery. These wholesale souvenir glasses are very different and will add variety to your collection.

Pirate Full Shooter Shot Glass

This awesome full shooter also depicts a beach setting. Anyone who likes pirates will want to swoop this wholesale souvenir right up. It’s a perfect vessel for any pirate’s rum. The glass has a skull with two swords crossing it, making an x shape. There is also a pirate ship in the ocean and two pirates battling with swords on the beach. This shot glass is as nice looking as it is cool.

Alligator Head Shot Glass

This shot glass is our favorite of the animal head shot glass series. It is another great looking glass that is very different from the ones we have mentioned so far. It is a clear shot glass sitting in the jaws of a ferocious alligator. The alligator head provides for a great grip on your shot glass. There are also Shark, Bear, and Moose versions of this shot glass.

These are just several of our many wholesale souvenir shot glasses. Make sure to check out the rest of our expanding inventory on our website.



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