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Spring Novelty Items to Add a Touch of Color to Your Store

Spring Novelty Items to Add a Touch of Color to Your Store

A new year has just begun, and it is the perfect opportunity to look for ways to bring new customers to our store. One great way to do this is by displaying different seasonal novelty items. Setting up themes for different holidays can be quite appealing for new visitors to walk into your store. Some holidays to follow include Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Thanksgiving. However, the sooner we begin to prepare for these holidays, the better. This will give us time to look at the items we have in stock and the ones we want to have on our shelves. Having this in mind, we have put together some exciting Spring novelty items that will give your store a new touch of color.

There are many novelty items that can turn into best sellers. In order to find the best spring novelty items for your store, you need to consider who your customers are. This will help you identify what kind of gifts and souvenirs they might be looking for. Some of our favorite spring novelty items include cheese spreaders, fridge magnets, wind chimes, stuffed animals, and pool inflatables.

Cheese Spreaders

Spring is the best time of the year to leave the cold weather behind and start enjoying the outdoors again. For many of our customers, springtime means going to the beach. What better way to enjoy the day in the sand than by throwing a cute beach picnic for our significant other. Having this in mind, we should consider offering dip and cheese spreaders.

Metal cheese spreaders are great accessories that can complement any beach picnic and special event. they also make great spring novelty items as they come with unique handles with different themes. Some of the most fitting for a beach picnic include palm tree gold dip and cheese spreaders, flamingos, mermaids, and pineapples.

Ocean Life Magnets

Some visitors might walk in looking for a small and special souvenir to bring back home. Therefore, we should consider carrying a wide variety of spring novelty items that suit different customers. For those with limited space in their luggage, fridge magnets are a great choice. As we know, refrigerator magnets tend to be really popular with both new a returning customers.

Besides, when looking for successful spring novelty items, beach-themed fridge magnets are a great choice. We can choose from a wide variety of sea animals, shapes, and styles. This will give our customers many options to choose from. In turn, they might end up getting more than just one set of fridge beach magnets. If we combine them and offer different bundles, they will be more likely to pick a pair up, too.

Hanging Wind Chimes

Just as some people like to go out and enjoy the weather, others like to do so while staying at home. We want to make sure we carry spring novelty items and souvenirs that are appealing to both types of people. Hanging glass wind chimes make a great spring souvenir for those who like to spend the afternoon on their porch or backyard as they enjoy a warm drink.

Sea glass wind chimes can create a relaxing atmosphere in indoor and outdoor spaces that most people enjoy. Whether they hang them in their garden, in their kitchen, or outside their door, glass and metal wind chimes add a nice touch of peace. Customers can also use them for their hotels, beach resorts, restaurants, and coffee shops to help create a soothing ambiance.

Carrot Plush Stuffed Animals

Most souvenir stores and gift shops tend to carry stuffed animals and plush items as part of their catalog. Both kids and adults love to cuddle with their plushy friends every once in a while. Some of the most popular stuffed animals to carry during spring and Easter include carrot plush stuffed animals.

You can invite your customers to welcome the new season and share the joy of spring with their loved ones by carrying snuggly plush animals with carrot plush figures. You can choose animals like rabbits, llamas, giraffes, and honeybees to add to the spring season vibe.

Pool Inflatables

For many of our customers, this season is the time for spring break. This means throwing pool parties, going to the beach, and enjoying the sun in the water. We should be prepared to offer fun and stylish pool inflatables. This way, our store becomes the go-to destination for those customers. From pool tubes to water loungers, drink holders, and floating coolers, our options are many.

Inflatable pool accessories make great spring novelty items, and when we combine them with different colors and styles, we are set for success. If we try to attract different types of customers, our store will see more sales. Pool inflatables can be used as party decoration, during photo shoots, and as TV production set props. Having this in mind will guide our marketing efforts to the right audience.

If you are looking for new spring novelty items to bring to your store for the season, you are in the right place. We carry a wide variety of novelty souvenirs and unique items that will turn your store into the number-one destination for new and returning customers. Feel free to go over our online catalog and discover the amazing variety of items we have available.




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