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Throw a Pool Party at Your Store with These Summer Display Ideas

Throw a Pool Party at Your Store with These Summer Display Ideas

We can feel the summer weather right around the corner. This means our customers are one step away of packing their luggage and getting ready to enjoy the sun. That’s why we should also be preparing to throw a pool party at our store. What better way to welcome new and returning visitors than with a stunning summer display to showcase our best products. Having an attractive summer window or in-store display is a great way to boost our sales and give our customers a memorable experience when they walk into our store. So, we want to share five different summer display ideas that will bring the breeze of the ocean to your business.

In order to offer a truly immersive experience, you should bring in different elements that make your products pop from the shelves and come to life. This includes adding plants and leaves, pool floats for decoration or photo shoots, and other realistic elements that fit. Also, set a theme to tie everything together. Going for a garden-inspired summer display or a nautical atmosphere could really help. Lastly, don’t forget about ocean life and add stuffed animals, magnets, snow globes, and other sea animal figures.

Throw A Pool Party

For many of our customers, summer time also means party time. Setting up a pool party summer display is just as fun as throwing one. If we have the space, we can add inflatable pool floats and accessories like beach balls, and coolers. In order to create the best experience for our visitors, we can even use some pool accessories for photoshoots and set an interactive photo booth. Here, customers could be able to take pictures and share them with their friends and family. To encourage people, you can have special offers for those who tag your business. This way, you can reach potential customers in a fun, easy way.

Bring Nautical Home Décor

Another part of our customers might wait for summer to spend some time at their beach house. This is a great opportunity for use to set up a summer display that showcases different nautical home décor accessories. Here we can add products like photo frames, tabletop figurines, jewelry boxes, candle holders, coasters, and magnets. To create the perfect nautical summer display, we can go for a rustic or vintage-inspired theme. Such can include wooden accents, nautical ropes, sailboat figures, life ring mirrors, and beach signs. To make everything tie together, we can use a matching color palette, using white, teal, turquoise, and other pale colors.

Add Plants and Leaves

One of the biggest trends in summer displays is adding a touch of green to them. This means using live elements like plants, leaves, and flowers to the display. By doing so, we can set a tropical theme to our store display, which can be very appealing. This can be even more attractive for customers traveling to exotic vacation spots. Some examples of elements we can add include tropical leaves, palm trees, and flowers like shoeblackplant. If we don’t have the time or space to find these, we can add items with the shape of these elements. From keychains to jewelry, magnets, snow globes, shot glasses, there are many options to choose from.

Set A Garden-Inspired Theme

Now, summer doesn’t necessarily means spending the day at the beach or traveling to exotic islands. For some, it is an opportunity to simply stay home and relax. Depending on the demographics of our customer base, we might want to set a different theme. Setting up a garden-inspired summer display is another way to create an appealing atmosphere for our visitors. As we mentioned above, plants and leaves are quite popular for summer store displays. We can opt to showcase our gardening tools or backyard décor accessories with a garden theme. Adding glass wind chimes, butterfly keychains, and ladybug plush figures can add that extra touch of style to your summer garden display.

Don’t Forget About Ocean Life

Last but not least, we should remember that no summer display can be complete with a touch of ocean life. Whether we choose to display them as the focus point of our display, or as accents, sea life animals will complement your store display smoothly. Using different products like plush animals, fridge magnets, LED Lanterns, keychains, coasters, and night lights will help us create a remarkable Under the Sea themed display every customer will enjoy. This is a great way to catch the attention of visitors with families. Displaying bath toys and kitchen décor accessories, for example, will be appealing for the entire family.

If you are looking for the best novelty souvenir gifts for your store summer display, you are in the right place. We carry a wide variety of novelty items that will become a success among your customers. Feel free to visit our online catalog or get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to talk to you and answer all of your questions.



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