4 Reasons To Obtain Your Own Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes can come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Are you one to own a big collection of different jewelry? Maybe your ancestors have passed some down to you from each generation, or maybe you have a hobby of buying vintage jewels? Regardless of what kind of jewelry you…

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Traveling? Consider Luggage Tags For Your Belongings

Traveling is something that individuals all over the world partake on, every single day. Imagine how many people scatter to get their suitcases packed, line up at airport security, and prepare for take off on a jet plane. If you and your family members are travelers and/or use suitcases often,…

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Relax At Home With Unique Beach Decor

Most people love and cherish the warm sandy beaches and the salty crashing waves. For many, going to the beach is therapeutic and relaxing after a long and stressful week. Surfing, paddle boarding, tanning, or just building sand castles with friends is all an individual may need to have a…

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The Importance of Bath Toys & Bath Time for Children

Many young children look forward to bath time at the end of a long and tiring day. Bath play gives them the opportunity to relax, unwind, and have fun with affordable bath toys. Many skills get developed during bath time, and we will share the benefits of it with you…

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The Bi-Plane 3D Puzzle

Cota Global has a wide selection of different puzzles for children to enjoy. One of our most popular types of 18 piece puzzles are the 3D wooden puzzles. These products are fun and easy to build, even with the entire family! In this post, Cota Global will explain all of the…

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Wine Stoppers & Their Benefits

Wine is something that is enjoyed all over the world, for social gatherings, pairing with dinner meals, or just when you are relaxing at home. Opening up a fresh bottle of wine is ultimately satisfying and can make any event with friends and family so much more special. Unfortunately, when…

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Introducing the new

Introducing the new Your destination for unique and exceptional products at affordable prices. We’re excited to welcome you to our brand new CoTa Global website offering a brand new shopping experience including easier shopping, faster load times, streamlined categories for easier and quicker access to your favorite products, as…

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Puzzled Inc. is now CoTa Global!

We are excited to announce that we changed our name! Puzzled Inc. is now CoTa Global! These past years have been great for Puzzled! We thought it was time to take the next steps towards growth and that first step includes a face lift. Our new name is CoTa Global.…

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