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The Bi-Plane 3D Puzzle

The Bi-Plane 3D Puzzle

Cota Global has a wide selection of different puzzles for children to enjoy. One of our most popular types of 18 piece puzzles are the 3D wooden puzzles. These products are fun and easy to build, even with the entire family! In this post, Cota Global will explain all of the significant benefits puzzles can offer children, and how the 3D Bi-Plane model was featured at the Northern Nevada Children’s Museum. If you are looking to buy 3D wooden puzzles, Cota Global is the place to get them!

Advantages of Buying 3D Wooden Puzzles For Children

Three significant skills are being developed within a child while playing with puzzles. Those three skills are emotional, physical, and cognitive skills. Each of these is extremely important in the growth of a child, as they help them learn and understand more. Let’s take a closer look at these skills in detail:

Emotional Skills: Puzzles help children with learning patience. They require a child to sit down for a specified period in a more quiet environment and focus step by step on their project. Emotional skills also help a child set more goals for themselves. Because puzzles take strategy, it allows for the child to think ahead and prepare for the next step of the puzzle.

Physical Skills: Puzzles work with a child’s motor skills for development. When you are partaking in a puzzle project, your fingers and hands are moving around to fit each puzzle piece together. Motor skills are excellent practice for handwriting at school, drawing, or typing on the computer. Physical skills for puzzles can also improve hand-eye coordination. Because you are both thinking with your brain and using your hands to move pieces, it helps build a relationship with both.

Cognitive Skills: Cognitive skills in a puzzle develop via memory. Remembering which pieces fit or don’t go together helps build better memory recognition for the child. Another cognitive ability is shape recognition, which will help them defer between different shapes (circles, squares, ovals, etc.)

Cota Global’s Puzzled brand Bi-Plane 3D puzzle is a perfect toy for children all ages. It is considered a challenging yet creative 18 piece puzzle that is fun to assemble. Once assembled, children have the opportunity to paint the wooden plane, play with it, display it in their bedroom, or disassemble and build again. The Bi-Plane model is so astonishing that the Northern Nevada Children’s Museum replicated it into a bigger-sized model and displayed it for children to view. Our team is very proud of this accomplishment, as we hope that many children will get inspired by this model, to build, create, and get inspired.

The Northern Nevada Children’s Museum is located in Carson City and has a lot to offer for children of all ages. This is a great place to take a trip down to with your family and loved ones, and let your children run around, play, explore, and get educated. In this museum, you can see exhibits such as The Ole Music Shoppe, Train Table, Wildlife Exhibit, The Schoolhouse, & much more. If you are interested in taking your children to the Northern Nevada Children’s Museum, you can check out their website for hours and information: http://www.cmnn.org

If you are looking to buy 3D wooden puzzles, you can shop Cota Global’s wide selection of different products, including the Bi-Plane model here



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