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They’re here, Stylish Plush Backpacks are here and they’re wholesale!!!

They’re here, Stylish Plush Backpacks are here and they’re wholesale!!!

Plush BackpackWhen it comes to style kid cannot be forgotten. But what’s better than just being stylish, well being stylish and responsible. These plush backpacks are a perfect way to help with both. It allows kids to feel stylish from all the looks they will receive from others, in awe of their new plush backpack. It will also allow them to learn some responsibility without them knowing by having to take care of their belongings that they put in their backpack.

These cute plush backpacks are adorable and fun, that any kid would love to take with them when they are on the go. With our different options in plush animal backpacks, we are sure to have a plush that is right for your little one.

We have an adorable ladybug that is sure to bring a smile to any kids face. This is perfect for any insect lover or just anyone who loves cute plush toys. With its lovable heart shape antennas, this is a must-have backpack for any child.

We also have the always cute and cuddly black bear that is sure to make the mammal love happy. This is not only a backpack but it is also a plush so it is soft to the hug. It is perfect for that little hugger in anyone’s family.

The alligator is sure to be a hit with any reptile lover. For any reptile lover an alligator is a must have but an alligator backpack makes it even better. This adorable plush backpack has a cute nose that is sure to bring joy to any little one face. With its nice design and soft to the touch feel it is sure to be a hit.

These are just some of our lovable plush backpacks offered, be sure to check out our catalog to see all of our different styles of backpacks. The only thing that can make these items better is being sold wholesale and we are the place to bring that to you, so make sure to subscribe for all of your wholesale needs.



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