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Unique Mother’s Day Novelty Gifts to Add to Your Store Inventory

Unique Mother’s Day Novelty Gifts to Add to Your Store Inventory

Mother’s Day is quite an important day for many of our customers. It is a great time to thank and appreciate all the love and support mothers give. As the holiday becomes closer, store owners start to stock up on unique Mother’s Day novelty gifts to offer their visitors. Combining a wide variety of novelty Mother’s Day gifts with attractive displays and bundles will allow stores to stand out from the crowd. As visitors start looking for the best Mother’s Day presents, be ready to carry the special gifts they are looking for.

When it comes to novelty gifts for Mother’s Day, we have to stay with the classics while also adding up a touch of innovation to the mix. That’s why some of the best Mother’s Day novelty gifts you should add to your store inventory include super soft plush, stylish silverware, sparkling keychain charms, and decorative jewelry boxes. Also, jewelry accessories and personalized plush toys are the perfect match to go with a dozen roses and a box of chocolate.

Cheese Spreaders and Napkin Rings

One of the most stylish novelty gifts for Mother’s Day includes silverware accessories like Gold Cheese Spreaders and Napkin Rings. This type of kitchen accessories makes for great gifts for those who enjoy hosting dinner parties, organizing events, and having guests over. Napkin Rings and Cheese Spreaders can be shown along kitchen décor accessories and beach picnic themed displays in our stores. This way, customers who walk in can have an idea of what they look like in the right setting.

Sparkling Keychain Charms

Keychain charms are quite popular gifts and souvenirs that never get old. These subtle but fashionable accessories look great on handbags, purses, backpacks, and key holders. Since they come in many different shapes and sizes, we can offer our customers a wide variety of keychains. However, in order to offer unique Mother’s Day novelty gifts, sparkling keychain charms will stand out in a theme-specific rack. For example, having ocean life animals, farm animals, sports, or wildlife animals together.

Decorative Jewelry Boxes

When thinking about unique Mother’s Day novelty gifts to carry in our store, decorative jewelry boxes are one of the best examples to consider. Jewelry boxes and trinket organizers are some of the best novelty gifts for Mother’s Day. Luckily, there are many ways to promote them in our store. Decorative dresser trinket boxes come in different sizes, which gives our customers more options to choose from. From ceramic to wood, the materials chosen add an extra touch of style and elegance. Plus, we can mix jewelry boxes with other items that fit inside and offer different bundles for added value.

Earrings and Necklaces

Another type of novelty gift items that we should carry for this Mother’s Day is jewelry. Matching sets of silver earrings and necklaces can be a top-selling set of items for this holiday. Pairing jewelry with decorative boxes is a great way to feature these products. You want to place them near check out or on a particular shelf or as part of a jewelry collection. You can use pictures of the items worn by models. Also, we can make sets of matching keychain, earrings, and necklaces that feature the same character or animal.

Personalized Plush Accessories

There is something about stuffed animals that make them stand the test of time when it comes to special gifts. Both kids and adults enjoy cute plush animals, especially when they come with an attached plush heart special message. From stuffed animals to plush hats, scarves, and plush hand bags, there are different plush accessories to choose from. They all come with a pink plush heart and a “Happy Mother’s Day” message. This makes them the perfect gift for your customers to take home for their loved ones. Also, you can add the logo of your store, location or saying for an added touch of personalization.

If you are looking for unique Mother’s Day novelty gifts to bring to your store for the holiday, you are in the right place. We carry a wide variety of novelty products and unique items that will turn your store into the number-one destination for new and returning customers. Feel free to go over our online catalog and discover the amazing variety of items we have available.




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