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Unique Novelty Summer Gifts for Souvenir Stores and Gift Shops

Unique Novelty Summer Gifts for Souvenir Stores and Gift Shops

Weather is slowly but surely getting hotter, which means that summer is almost here. As they days get hotter, we should start preparing a new collection of unique novelty summer gifts for our customers and visitors. For many, summer time means spending the days at the beach house or at a destination resort, for others means taking the kids out on a family trip. Whether it is for pleasure or for business, many people will be traveling. So, we should make sure to plan ahead and make the most out of our novelty store during this busy season.

There are many different novelty summer items we can introduce to our store, especially if we are looking for an entire collection of new products. In order to maximize our efforts, we should think of who our customers are and what they are looking for. If we want to offer the best novelty summer gifts, we should consider a wide range of interests and ages groups. Therefore, carrying luggage tags, sparkling keychains, and inflatable pool accessories would be a good idea. Also, shot glasses, wind chimes, and other nautical décor accessories will be a popular choice.

Luggage Tags

Many of our visitors will be traveling, either for business or for pleasure. A great way to invite those visitors to shop with us is by offering summer gifts they can give as souvenir. Luggage tags are the perfect souvenir for their traveling buddies. This is especially true if they are planning another trip in the near future. Also, parents might want to get a set for the entire family so that their suitcases are not lost when they travel together. Since there are many different designs, colors, and characters, your customers can find the perfect souvenir for their loved ones.

Sparkling Keychains

Another great idea for unique summer gifts to carry includes sparkling keychain charms. Many of our customers have limited space in their luggage as it is. So, stuffing their suitcases with roomy souvenirs is not an option. For those travelers who want to bring back home a, easy-to-carry memento of their family trips, sparkling keychains are the way to go. Since most come with lobster clasps and measure no more than a few inches, customers can bring many with them without taking much room. Having a wide variety of themes and characters can give them more to choose from and come back home with an extra trinket or two.

Inflatable Pool Accessories

Some people tend to travel and visit other places during summer. However, for many people, summertime is the perfect time for throwing a pool party. Whether our customers are looking to have a fun time at the pool or relax by the water, they will be on the lookout for the most stylish inflatable pool accessories. From pool tubes to beach balls, water hammocks, and pool chairs, the possibilities are endless. Inflatable coolers and drink holders will make a splash at every pool party, and an inflatable water slide will make for a fun addition to every friends’ gathering.

Shot Glasses

When it comes to pool party accessories, shot glasses cannot be left aside. Just as keychains and magnets, decorative shot glasses are timeless examples of souvenirs that make great novelty store summer gifts. Shot glasses are fun and useful souvenirs that don’t take much space. Besides being portable, shot glasses come in different shapes and designs, and even make great décor accessories. Also, shot glasses with sea turtle or palm trees, crabs and dolphins are excellent gifts to set the mood for a beach-inspired party.

Glass and Metal Wind Chimes

We should remember, though, that even when summer means pool parties and traveling, many take this as an opportunity to sit back and relax at their porch, backyard, or balcony. That’s why we should offer different types of summer gifts and souvenirs at our store. Wind chimes are ideal accessories for those looking to add a refreshing touch of beach vibes to their home. Glass and metal wind chimes can turn any room or area into a relaxing space. The calming sounds and smooth designs will bring the peace your customers want for their loved ones.

Nautical Home Décor

Lastly, we cannot forget about adding a nautical section to our store. Especially if we want to make an impact and catch the attention of our visitors. Displaying a special collection of nautical home décor accessories in our store can help us make the most out of the season. Carrying accessories like photo frames, fridge magnets, snow globes, and jewelry boxes can set the beach mood in our store. In order to make these items really pop up, we could add some realistic elements. Displaying our nautical décor collection with some beach sand, starfish, ropes and wooden accents can really make the difference.

If you are looking for the best novelty souvenir gifts for  your store display, you are in the right place. We carry a wide variety of novelty items that will become a success among your customers. Feel free to visit our online catalog or get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to talk to you and answer all of your questions.



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