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Wholesale Puzzles Distributors Experience High Demand as Coronavirus Quarantine Continues – Here Are Some Reasons Why

Wholesale Puzzles Distributors Experience High Demand as Coronavirus Quarantine Continues – Here Are Some Reasons Why

During the last couple of weeks, people have been stocking up on basic hygiene items like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, as well as canned food and other essential goods. Surprisingly, though, people are also buying puzzles, and by the thousands. This is because, due to the coronavirus outbreak, millions of Americans are staying home for what seems to be an indefinite period of time. As a result, the situation could help strengthen the market situation for makers, distributors, and retail sellers of wholesale puzzles.

The puzzle industry was already seeing a growth in its popularity. With younger generations turning into analog, off-line classic hobbies, puzzle retailers were doing pretty well. Now, as the coronavirus quarantine continues and schools and companies are temporarily closed, people are looking for ways to remain entertained. Puzzle making has become America’s favorite hobby, and here we have some of some reasons why.

Puzzles Fit the Entire Family

One of the main reasons why puzzles have been a popular hobby is that they are great for the entire family. There is a wide variety of themes, designs, and levels of difficulty when it comes to puzzles. This means that everyone in the family can find one that suits their interests. From kids to teens to adults, age is something that definitely doesn’t matter for puzzle lovers.

Now that families are spending tons of time together, puzzles are a great bonding activity. This is why offering a wide variety of products suitable for the entire family is key. Some of these include 3D puzzles, peg puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and raised puzzles. As Washington Post reported recently, some puzzle retailers are selling more products now than they usually do during the holiday season. Therefore, distributors of wholesale puzzles should remain optimistic, as business is likely to continue and even increase.

 Puzzles Bring Many Cognitive Benefits

There is no doubt that, regardless of our age, solving puzzles can come with several benefits. They help us reinforce the connections between brain cells, keeping our minds active and healthy. Several studies have found that doing puzzles helps improve our memory and problem-solving skills.

Besides, puzzles are a great way to deal with stress and increase our positive energy, as they are relaxing yet rewarding activities we can do on our own or share with our loved ones. It is common to find adults with a passion for solving puzzles. The coronavirus quarantine is the perfect time to share this love with the younger generations.

Wholesale Puzzles are Profitable and Accessible

Another reason why puzzles have remained popular for so long is that they are both profitable and accessible items. For makers, wholesale distributors, and retailers, puzzles of all kinds have proven to be a smart investment. This is especially true nowadays, given how the demand for puzzles keeps growing due to the coronavirus quarantine we are experiencing.

On the other hand, puzzles are quite accessible items for the public, and there are many price ranges and varieties that can adjust to every pocket. On average, a regular puzzle costs around $15-$20. Therefore, puzzles represent an affordable and quite enjoyable hobby that is definitely worth purchasing.

Puzzle Distributors Continue to Operate

Despite what many may think, there are several puzzle distributors that continue to operate amid the coronavirus pandemic. As many reports have indicated, Americans are buying more puzzles now than they usually do during the holiday season. Finding themselves locked inside their homes for weeks can be more bearable while spending hours working on a puzzle.

This means that wholesale distributors and retails won’t seem to suffer from significant losses the way other businesses are. However, the current situation will come with certain challenges. This is particularly true in terms of order fulfillment and delivery. So we should make sure we have plenty of items on stock and expect order delays, depending on the volume of sales we are experiencing.

Demand for Puzzles on the Rise amid Coronavirus Outbreak

As we mentioned before, Americans are buying puzzles as a way to deal with coronavirus boredom. Besides, during the last couple of years, younger generations started showing a growing interest in puzzles of all kinds and sizes. As a result, the puzzle industry has become stronger than ever. This brings many opportunities for wholesale puzzle distributors and retailers across the country.

In order to meet social distancing guidelines, both puzzle stores and customers are relying on online shopping. This is, of course, nothing new in the wholesale and retail world. Nonetheless, it is an essential tool that businesses must take advantage of. So, if you are handling the delivery of your orders, remember to take as many safety measures as possible. Washing your hands before and after delivering a package will make a huge difference. Also, remember to monitor your health as well as your staff’s.

Where Can you Find Wholesale Puzzles for your Store?

If you are looking for a wholesale puzzle distributor that can offer a wide variety of top-quality puzzles at the best price, you are in the right place. CoTa Global has a huge collection of 3D wooden puzzles, mini 3D puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, peg puzzles, and raised puzzles. There are many different themes and categories to choose from, all of them perfectly suitable for the entire family. We also work with several package deals, which we are sure will suit your particular needs.

If you want to know more about the wide selection of puzzles we have to offer, do not hesitate and get in touch with us! We will be more than happy to talk to you and answer all of your questions. Also, feel free to take a look at our entire catalog of gifts, toys, souvenirs, and novelty items, or take the tour of our 3D virtual booth.




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