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Winter Apparel and Plush Accessories to Stock Up Before Holiday Season

Winter Apparel and Plush Accessories to Stock Up Before Holiday Season

Winter is the best time for gifting cozy gifts to our loved ones. This means that our store visitors will be on the look for furry, huggable items. Therefore, we must make sure to stock up on winter apparel and plush accessories before the holiday season kicks in. That’s why we wanted to share with you some of the best-selling novelty plush items that every retail store should have in their inventory before winter arrives.

Among the most popular plush accessories for winter apparel, we can find plush hats and plush scarves. For those who travel and like to relax at home, neck pillows and extra-large plush pillows will make an amazing gift. Lastly, for the little ones at home, going for a cute plush bag or a super soft plush trolley will always be a guaranteed success.

Plush Hats

Plush hats are, without a doubt, one of the most popular winter plush accessories that sell quite a lot throughout the year. They make great gifts for children, teens, and adults alike. Also, anyone can wear them as a fashion accessory or as a silly hat costume at school or work. Since they are multifunctional, our customers are more likely to pick them up when visiting our store. That’s why we should consider carrying a wide variety of plush hats before the holiday season begins. This way, we’ll be well prepared for when our visitors start looking for their holiday presents.

Plush Scarves

Another great winter apparel accessory we want to offer to our customers are plush scarves. Just like plush hats, plush scarves are warm and cozy fashion accessories that can add a cute touch to any winter outfit. They are also great gift alternatives for friends and family of all ages. Because they are made with super soft fabric, plush scarves are the ultimate winter plush accessories, especially for those who enjoy staying at home having a hot cup of coffee, and spending time with their loved ones. So, we want to make sure our store carries plenty of plush scarves, too.

Neck Pillows

For some, wintertime means spending time at home enjoying the weather. For others, the holiday season is the best time to travel and visit our family members. Whether they live in a different city or country, our traveling customers will be glad to see our plush neck pillow section! Warm and cozy neck pillows can be great plush accessories, especially if we have our store inside an airport, an aquarium, or an amusement park. Chances are our customers are either visiting or planning to visit another city. Therefore, carrying plush neck pillows with their favorite animals on it will give them an excuse to purchase a souvenir or two.

XL Plush Pillows

Stuffed animals and plush figures tend to do pretty well when it comes to winter plush accessories sales. Everyone finds a huggable plush buddy cute and adorable. However, extra-large plush pillows and stuffed animals make excellent holiday gifts for our loved ones. Giant plush animals not only add a cute touch to any bedroom décor. They are also cozy and comfortable pillows for napping or taking a break from daily chores and routines. Besides, since they are pretty difficult to miss, giant plush pillows will make for an eye-catchy retail store display for your customers and visitors.

Plush Bags and Backpacks

Now, we cannot forget about the little ones that come into our store in company of their parents. If we want to carry winter plush accessories for kids but go beyond stuffed animals, plush bags are the ideal items for us. Plush bags are amazing gifts for kids who like to carry their favorite toys with them at all times. There are different sizes and colors for children to choose from. This way, these plush handbags become more than accessories. They also make for great plush buddies kids can bring with them when they go to school, to the park, or on a family trip.

Plush Trolleys

Lastly, we might want to consider carrying plush trolleys, too. Just like plush handbags and backpacks, these trolleys make for a cute and huggable gift for kids who want to bring their favorite toys with them anywhere they go. However, plush trolleys offer more room, which makes them ideal for long family trips and vacations. These plush accessories also come with a removable plush figure.



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