The Bi-Plane 3D Puzzle

Cota Global has a wide selection of different puzzles for children to enjoy. One of our most popular types of 18 piece puzzles are the 3D wooden puzzles. These products are fun and easy to build, even with the entire family! In this post, Cota Global will explain all of the…

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Wine Stoppers & Their Benefits

Wine is something that is enjoyed all over the world, for social gatherings, pairing with dinner meals, or just when you are relaxing at home. Opening up a fresh bottle of wine is ultimately satisfying and can make any event with friends and family so much more special. Unfortunately, when…

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Introducing the new

Introducing the new Your destination for unique and exceptional products at affordable prices. We’re excited to welcome you to our brand new CoTa Global website offering a brand new shopping experience including easier shopping, faster load times, streamlined categories for easier and quicker access to your favorite products, as…

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Puzzled Inc. is now CoTa Global!

We are excited to announce that we changed our name! Puzzled Inc. is now CoTa Global! These past years have been great for Puzzled! We thought it was time to take the next steps towards growth and that first step includes a face lift. Our new name is CoTa Global.…

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