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5 Best-Selling Summer Souvenirs for Gift Shops and Novelty Stores

5 Best-Selling Summer Souvenirs for Gift Shops and Novelty Stores

Every novelty store needs to have best-selling summer souvenirs for the season. Having tourists and visitors stepping into our store, we want to be sure our catalog includes a wide variety of items. That’s why it is important that we look at our stock sales and consider making some changes or adding new items to our collection of novelty souvenirs. This will help us boost our sales while attracting new customers to our business.

If you are looking to expand your store catalog and add some new items for your store, here you have a list of 5 best-selling summer souvenirs for gift shops and novelty stores. These include beach fridge magnets, keychains, shot glasses, beach-themed snow globes, and nautical home décor accessories.

Beach Themed Fridge Magnets

Souvenir fridge magnets are a classic gift that everybody loves getting and displaying. Since they are small and inexpensive, they are the perfect souvenir to bring from any trip. Fridge magnets come in any size, design, shape, and color. During the summer, offering beach-themed magnets for fridge is always a hit with new and existing customers. From ocean animals, palm trees, and coral reef designs, there is a variety of magnets designs for every taste.

Beach Themed Keychains

Just like fridge magnets, beach themed keychains are great best-selling summer souvenirs that no gift shop should be without. Keychain charms are classic and timeless souvenir gifts, and most visitors walk into store looking for one. Since pretty much every souvenir store offers keychains, we should offer unique beach themed keychains. This can include ocean life shaped keychains, palm tree keychain charms, and starfish keychains for backpacks and bags. Because keychains are some of the most popular souvenirs, it’s always a good idea to carry a wide variety of them.

Shot Glasses

Another classic and successful summer souvenir includes shot glasses. Whether we want to offer shot glasses sets or individual items, carrying these best-selling summer souvenirs is always a good idea. Young customers tend to look for this type of gifts. However, they are appealing to visitors of all ages. Therefore, we can offer different styles of shot glasses, including shot glasses with print designs, colored shot glasses, and head-shaped shot glasses for parties and display.

Snow Globes

When talking about best-selling summer souvenirs we need to mention snow globes. There are many reasons why novelty snow globes are popular with tourists and customers. First of all, they are perfect souvenirs for kids, teens and adults. Also, there are many different designs, shapes, sizes, and themes available. This makes snow globes ideal gifts for friends and family. Beach-themed and ocean-themed snow globes are guaranteed hits as summer souvenirs in our store.

Nautical Home Decor

For those looking to add an extra touch of summer vibes to their home décor, nautical accessories make the perfect addition to every coastal-themed house. Lighthouse tabletop figures, starfish photo frames, sailboat models, and wooden coaster sets make lovely gifts and souvenirs. These are perfect items for customers looking to bring more than just a souvenir from their trips. Therefore, offering different nautical home décor accessories is always a good idea.


If you are looking for the best-selling summer souvenirs for your gift shop, you are in the right place. We carry a wide variety of novelty items that will become a success among your customers. Feel free to visit our online catalog or get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to talk to you and answer all of your questions.



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