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Consider Planet Pens For School Supplies

Consider Planet Pens For School Supplies


When writing an essay in class or jotting down some important notes, using a comfortable pen is key. Planet Pens are both fun and comfortable to use for heavy-duty writing, which will make you look forward to your next assignment. Purchasing supplies for school can get pricey, especially if the products are of good quality. Cota Global’s Planet Pens are affordable school supplies that will make writing fun and easy!


Students may learn and study better when using the old fashioned paper and pen for jotting down notes and starting assignments. Since many individuals prefer to use a laptop or Ipad to do their work, it may not be as efficient as writing by hand.



Benefits of Planet Pens


  1. Your handwriting will be in better shape. Unfortunately, most people just rely on technology to write via email and Skype. By constantly writing with your hand and pen, you are practicing not only your writing skills but your brain is more focused. It is important to have good penmanship throughout your life, and getting used to writing with a pen can be more beneficial.
  2. Pens can help you strengthen your hands and fingers. By writing often and for long periods of time, your hand and finger muscles will grow stronger. It is always good and healthy to tighten your muscles, as it will benefit you as you age.
  3. Planet Pens are fun and eye-catching. By writing with Cota Global’s adorable animal pens, you can make classmates jealous, wishing they had one too. They offer a good grip and will not make your hands dirty with pen ink after hours of use.


Cota Global offers a huge collection of different Planet Pens to choose from. Our categories include: animals, skulls, guns, ships, pirates, and more! Purchase options are offered at a minimum of six per order. Get ready to show off to all of your classmates and loved ones with these awesome affordable school supplies! 

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