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Soft Hand Puppets Wholesale

Soft Hand Puppets Wholesale

If you are looking for an item that is great for infants and toddlers to restock you inventory why not consider soft hand puppets that are wholesale. Hand puppets are a great toy for infants and toddlers; they are great for keeping their attention. Hand puppets also make great gift ideas for any new parent. Here are some of the puppets we offer:

The Sea Turtle

This beautiful and soft turtle is sure to swim into the hearts of any little one. With its big eyes, this sea turtle can capture anyone’s attention. The sea turtle is soft, and the colors on the turtle are some of the most beautiful. This would be an excellent gift for any new parent.

The Wolf

The wolf is one of the most adorable puppets available. The colors and the cuddliness make it an excellent choice for any puppy lover. Kids and parents will both enjoy this puppy as it can bring hours of fun and joy. So if you are looking for something that everyone will love this puppy puppet is a must.

The Moose

This adorable moose is one of the most majestic and charming around with its cute and cuddly antlers. This is one moose you will not have to see in the wild and will be able to enjoy in the comfort of your home. This moose is not only a hand puppet but also a plush toy that the kiddos will love.

The Dolphin

This is one of the smartest creatures on earth, and it will be one of the most intelligent choices made if you choose this dolphin. This cute and soft plush puppet is sure to steal both parents and the kid’s hearts. With the beautiful color design of white and blue the adorable dolphin is sure to stand out in store and in homes.

These are just a few of our items available for our full stock of hand puppets, or any other items make sure to subscribe to our catalog or visit our website www.cotaglobal.com. If you are in Las Vegas on 3/17-3/20 for the ASD LV trade show make sure to stop by and visit our booth #SL 1316.



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