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Wholesale 3D Puzzles Make Great Gifts

Wholesale 3D Puzzles Make Great Gifts

With the holiday right around the corner, it is not a bad idea to start thinking about great gift ideas. No one wants to wait until the last minute and try to find the perfect gift, just to be disappointed. Well why not consider the 3D puzzles, they make a great gift, and they are wholesale. Which means everyone in the family can have their own puzzle. Here are a few to choose from:


The Horse is a beautiful 3D wooden puzzle that is both challenging and fun. The horse has 31 pieces that are sure to make it challenging. When you have completed this beautiful 3d wooden puzzle, it can be displayed or disassembled for more fun later on.


The Tank is another one of our 3D wooden puzzles that is sure to challenge any person. This military piece is both education and challenging. This beautiful tank can be painted and displayed any kid’s room or living room.

P911 Lr

This beautiful wooden 3D puzzle is an interpretation of Porsche 911. The P911 Lr puzzle is sure to make any car lovers smile. With its hours of fun and beautiful look, this 3D puzzle is sure to stand out if displayed.


Help bring this prehistoric Velociraptor back to life with this challenging 3D puzzle. The Velociraptor is a 47 Piece 3D wooden puzzle that is designed for beginners. So if you are looking for something more challenging check out the rest of our dinosaur 3D puzzle collection.

Ancient Sailboat

If you are looking to give 3D puzzle that is more challenging the Ancient Sailboat is for you. This is an advance puzzle with 91 pieces that are sure to test anyone. This beautifully crafted old sailboat is one of many 3D puzzle boats we have to offer.

So if you are looking for great gift ideas for the holidays or any special event make sure to check out our 3D puzzle wholesale collection. These are just a few of our many 3D puzzles we have available. For our full selection of 3D puzzles make sure to check out our catalog and subscribe.



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